Karolee Ryan

As a Senior Business Consultant Karolee has been responsible for various projects and programs in the Cable and Telecommunications Industry. This includes Billing Transformation Projects, Customer Experience Programs, Hardware Development Programs, Rebranding Programs and most recently Customer Care Program Launch. Her positions on these programs have varied from Acting Director of Customer Experience, Product Management and Project/Program Management. Her vast knowledge of the industry makes it easy for her to shift from technical to strategic positions, which allows her to work in various roles throughout organizations. Karolee has led small and large teams, worked with many different program/project methodologies as well as been responsible for training and deployment of large programs for various Cable and Telecommunication companies.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Karolee spent more than 10 years working for various consulting organizations including Oracle and Capgemini. Her ability to shift from technical to strategic work has made it easy for her to assume leadership roles working on multiple projects and helping fellow co-workers where needed.

Karolee is a self-described foodie and loves to travel.