Katherine Reeves

Katherine Reeves is a Principal Engineer and Technical Team Leader for Time Warner Cable’s Advanced Technology Group.  Within a year of starting at TWC, Katherine earned a promotion and became the first woman at her office to hold the title of Principal Engineer. Her duties have continued to evolve and she currently oversees a technical team of engineers who focus primarily on residential and commercial Internet access, wireless technologies, and content distribution.

Prior to joining Time Warner Cable, Katherine worked at MCI/Worldcom (now Verizon Business) where she engineered international data solutions while living in Sydney, Australia, then Hong Kong, China. Before moving overseas, Katherine was a Senior Internet Engineer and Manager at UUNet and then at Abovenet.

Katherine rounds out her busy work life helping to build the community at TWC. She volunteers her time to help plan employee events, and participates in the TWC health and wellness network as leader of a local cycling club. Outside of the office, Katherine teaches yoga, and free-lances photography and graphic design. She and her husband and their two rescue dogs live in Herndon, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC.