Kathleen Pearson

Kathleen is currently in a Comcast Cable Procurement leadership role performing core functions and customer experience improvement programs with cross functional teams.

Prior to joining comcast in 2013, career opportunities have emerged from merger and acquisition along with decisions to make a career change.   Kathleen Pearson is a leader with diverse career experience working in several different industries and moving from an IT technician into both Technology and Business leadership and management roles.  Company culture exposure include large and mid-size corporations and start-ups.  Corporate responsibilities have included being the outsourced services provider and being the oversight for the services being provided.  Career opportunities related to merger and acquisition introduced a broad spectrum of leadership responsibilities across organizational design, career and job families, due diligence, business and IT process outsourcing, and technology strategy.

Her education is an Economics Degree (BA, Chestnut Hill College) followed by a master’s degree for Information Systems Design (MS, Drexel University).