Kathy Keroack

When I was 12 years old I began working for my family’s business during summer vacations and couldn’t get enough of it.  As I got older I worked a part time job after high school, I continued to work weekends until I was 21 years old. Working 7 days a week for several years helped me to create a very strong work ethic as well as creating a love for "customer service".   When you work for your family there is no such thing as "calling out" for any reason. 


In 1989 I began working for a company called "Metro Mobile" where I was hired to be one of the first 6 original customer care agents.  I stayed with that company who later became Verizon Wireless for a total of 18 years and worked my way up the ladder from agent, to Supervisor to Manager.  I basically "grew up" at Verizon Wireless and developed many strong relationships with people over the years; some who I even hired at Comcast. 


7 years ago I made the decision to accept the manager position at Comcast; I felt I could use my past experience and knowledge to help grow this new call center and help them evolve as changes developed over time.  This was the best decision of my career.  I have held many roles over the past 7 years and currently manage the WNE Retention department where we are seeing some of the best metrics/results ever. 


I am the proud mother of 2 young men, Nick 24 yrs. old and Chris 18 yrs. old.  I enjoy going on family vacations with my boys and my parents and love to visit my sister who lives in Florida.  I am one of 4 children who is dedicated to my job and family.  I enjoy working with people and helping them develop, career path and grow professionally.