Kay Hill

Kay Hill is the Director of Entertainment Market Research & Digital Analytics responsible for overseeing the design, fielding and analyzing of Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research studies for the TNT & TBS divisions. She is also responsible for delivering key insights on the network’s digital and social media performance. To that end, she is able to translate data into action-oriented recommendations on user behavior patterns, new product launches, as well as evaluating social media to generate actionable insights across all social platforms.

Kay’s background includes almost fourteen years of experience with a diversified portfolio in market research and program management. She has led professionally and strategically, with vision and resolve significantly contributing to audience insights, and supporting the Entertainment Industry for all of those years. Kay’s professionalism, tact and diplomacy displayed at all echelons of the organization have enabled her seamless transition to roles in the division with increasing responsibility.

Kay’s professional affiliations include being a key member of the Hiring & Promotions Committee at Turner Broadcasting Inc., providing strategic insight into senior leadership’s methodologies. She is also involved in the REM Mentoring Program, where she serves as a Mentor offering guidance and advice on the day-to-day operations, skill building and competency development for junior and new employees.

Kay graduated from The Ohio State University School of Science with a Bachelor’s in Communication degree. She continues to pursue her personal and professional development, evident by her recent acceptance into the Women in Cable and Telecommunications’ Rising Leader’s Program.