Kelly Colasante

Kelly joined the Comcast team in 2013 to execute Direct Marketing for the Verizon Wireless partnership Comcast currently has. She was promoted to Senior Manager, Wireless Marketing in March of 2015, where she continues collaborate with Verizon on a daily basis.  Her primary goal is to increase Wireless sales.  In doing so, Kelly primarily oversees strategy, execution, and performance analysis of direct marketing tactics such as direct mail, digital, and email.  Most recently she has been focused on growing the Wireless online channel via improving the customer experience.


Prior to joining the Comcast team, Kelly worked for Caesars Entertainment.  Caesars is a direct marketing focused organization and over the course of eight years, Kelly was exposed to a variety of marketing roles.  After a series of six promotions, she became CRM Manager. She managed a team that was responsible for New Business strategy, brand direct marketing as well as Atlantic City Market loyalty program strategy.  The role provided for an intense learning experience in the realm of targeting and reinvestment in the customer to ensure optimal lifetime value.


Kelly graduated from Duquesne University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in Multimedia and recently completed a Strategic Marketing Essentials course at Wharton. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband and is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and traveling to new places.