Kerry Abt

Kerry Abt is currently a Senior Marketing Strategy Manager in the Northeast Division with a focus on customer retention and loyalty.  In her current role, Kerry leads a team responsible for the development, execution and optimization of Retention Marketing programs.  In addition, Kerry serves as the Northeast Division Retention Marketing lead on the Corporate Retention Marketing Team.  

Since joining Comcast in 2006, Kerry has reshaped the way the business thinks about customer retention and has been paramount in molding the retention strategies that are used across the enterprise.   

Kerry’s passion for her work and genuine commitment to do what is right for both the customer and the business, along with credibility and perseverance, has enabled her to garner support for creative strategies from senior leaders across the organization.  This has not only positively impacted the satisfaction of countless customers, but has been a positive impact for the business as well. 


During Kerry’s 8+ year career at Comcast, she has held positions in Business Analytics and Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Decision Support, and Marketing Strategy. 

Prior to joining Comcast, Kerry gained over 5 years of experience in the credit card industry at MBNA Bank, NA where she held positions in Business Operations, Business Strategy, and Marketing.

Kerry currently resides with her family in Florida, with one daughter at home and another who is a freshman at the University of South Carolina.  In her spare time, Kerry enjoys boating, water sports, tennis and cooking.  She is also actively involved in volunteering with various animal rescue shelters and the American Red Cross. ​