Kim Grose

With a career spanning 23 years, Kimberlie Grose is a dedicated telecom industry professional. Her beginnings at Jones Intercable as a Field Technician as well as positions in outside sales, customer service, business analysis, project / program management, and Information Technology, give her a unique perspective that she brings to bear in her current position as Senior Manager of Call Center Technology.

In that role, she leads a team whose focus is to simplify the tools utilized by agents, which enables them to better serve Charter customers. Her first-hand, diverse background is invaluable in ensuring that the technology solutions that are built consider the impact of groups beyond the call center.

Kimberlie has spent her career on the leading edge of innovation, paving new paths as rapid technological advancements brought new challenges to overcome. At each step in her career, she rose to the occasion and then shared the solutions she and her teams built with people and teams in other areas.

People who work for Kimberlie say that she creates an environment where they feel included, valued, and empowered to do work that energizes them. She creates steppingstones for them to become leaders themselves. With her at the helm, the people on her teams shine in their own spotlight as she cheers them on.

An avid nature enthusiast, Kimberlie supports the Catawba Land Conservancy (CLC) mission to permanently conserve and manage land for public benefit in the Southern Piedmont of North Carolina. She and her husband are stewards of 40 acres protected by the CLC. Kimberlie’s hope in volunteering with the CLC is that future generations will have access to open spaces, beautiful forests, and clean water. Kimberlie and her husband enjoy spending their spare time riding their Percheron horses on their trails and sharing nature with their family.