Kira Harrell

Kira Harrell currently works as a Vice President of Project Management for ViacomCBS. Her passion for data, technology, collaboration, and open communication has enabled her to use her skills and experience to build a successful technical project management career. Kira Harrell has been fortunate enough to support and lead projects related to Database migrations, Cloud transformation at an organizational level, Privacy Program implementation, and launches/rollouts of video streaming events, products, and applications. She has also organized mergers and acquisitions, transformed engineering teams’ processes to encourage higher morale and faster throughput, and created an environment of continuous learning and development for her teams.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and several certifications in project management, Kira Harrell uses her project management knowledge, experience with digital media, broad understanding of technology, and passion for focusing on people over process to encourage organizational transformation. Her methods include implementing tools, top-down and bottom-up goal setting, and project management methodologies and artifacts to allow for consistent transparency and exposure of growth opportunities.

Outside of work, Kira enjoys spending time with family, including her many animals, finding ways to give back to her community, and searching for personal and professional development opportunities.