Kiran Nagi

Kiran Nagi is the Senior Manager of Software Development at Deep Blue, A Comcast Business Company. She leads a team of Software Engineers and Cloud Engineers who develop application for management, support, and diagnostics of WiFi networks. As a technology leader with more than 16 years of experience in software/ hardware development and testing, Kiran is experienced in managing all aspects of the software/hardware development and quality life cycle from initial capture of requirements through design, development, integration, testing, delivery, and support. She is passionate about selecting and developing talent, mentoring to develop leaders, and driving team performance by empowering and coaching team members.

Kiran started her career in Software Testing in the Medical Devices industry and has worked as Software Engineer in Telecommunications, Vending, and Defense. Before joining Comcast, Kiran worked as a Software Engineer for the Naval Nuclear Laboratories. While working there, Kiran attended a very competitive program at Columbia University and earned a Master’s of Science degree in Technology Management. This program provided her opportunities to complete various projects with technology leaders in USA and Europe. After completing this program, Kiran joined Comcast in the Video Platform team as a Manager of Software Development. After this role, she moved to upstate NY and joined her current team at Deep Blue.

Kiran has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai, India, Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, and Master’s degree in Technology Management from Columbia University. She currently resides with her family in Albany, NY.