Krystal Piner

Krystal Piner is the Senior Manager of Product Planning and Analytics for Comcast Cable. Krystal’s primary focus has been to produce conjoint analytics for new customer acquisition offers to make recommendations to the senior leadership team around future bundle and pricing strategy to drive increased share and profitability across all lines of business (video, internet, home security, home phone, and mobile phone). Krystal also works with the corporate Product teams to develop and test new product ideas in research and help determine their integration into the current offer portfolio. In doing so, she works closely with the product development teams, finance teams, and product operations teams to develop and implement new offer and product strategies.

Krystal has been in the telecommunications industry for six years, with the past five years being with Comcast. During her time with Comcast she has spent time in Product Operations where she was responsible for implementing and training new bundle strategies and pricing strategies across the western portion of the United States. Prior to that, she was in Revenue Operations and Assurance, focusing on taxation reconciliation and equipment charging accuracies.

Krystal holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics & Mathematics from the University of Portland in Portland, OR. She spent the majority of her childhood years in Louisville, CO where she met her husband Blaine. She enjoys hiking with Blaine and their dog Hades, cooking, live music and performances, and exploring the east coast while living in Philadelphia