Laurin McCrary

Laurin McCrary is an exercise physiologist, educator, consultant and coach with nearly 28 years of experience in cardiac health, elite athlete performance and executive health.  She has provided training to and created educational programs for individuals and corporations around the areas of effective leadership by understanding its relationship to health and fitness.  Laurin has also spent 10 years managing cardiac rehabilitation programs, challenging both the community and the cardiac patients to take charge of their health.  Following graduate school, Laurin spent time with Olympic athletes, studying performance and effectiveness in their respective sports.

She is an adjunct staff member with The Center for Creative Leadership, presenting the Fitness for Leadership module for many years.  Other organizations she has worked with include Well Dyne, Centura Healthcare System, The Olympic Training Center, MARS Foods, Comcast, Qwest, Bright House, Prudential, General Motors, all United States Military Branches and many others.  

Laurin holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from The University of Arizona.  She received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Kansas State University where she helped to create and manage the faculty health and wellness programs.  She is the mother of a 13 year old son and plays any sport that comes her way.