LaWanda Jordan

LaWanda Jordan is currently a Corporate Human Resources Recruitment Business Partner, with Comcast Corporation, Cable Headquarters division. She is responsible for the daily planning and execution of talent acquisition initiatives.  When LaWanda first joined Comcast four years ago she was a Recruitment Consultant with the Comcast Interactive Media group.

LaWanda’s natural problem solving ability has proven invaluable as she expertly manages attracting the “cream of the crop” professionals to the Comcast organization. Recruiting with conviction, LaWanda truly exemplifies the “big picture” thinker, always having the foresight to see the long-term implications of a strategic recruitment plan.

Routinely called upon to speak as a guest lecturer throughout the Philadelphia, PA area, LaWanda is recognized as a seasoned professional in matters relating to recruitment and career development. Throughout her career, she has focused her efforts on applying her broad-view approach to business, and fulfilling the primary, urgent diverse talent acquisition needs of the corporation. During highly stressful situations within her corporate and staffing agency experience, LaWanda remained a firm, clear, and consistent force.