Lillian Garcia-Johnson

A native of Chicago, Lillian is a wife and proud mother of three. She attended the University of Illinois, where she studied Art and received her certification in Instructional Design. She graduated magna cum laude from Walden University with a degree in Business Communications. Her unconventional career path started in retail sales and includes office administration, store operations, human resources, new hire training, leadership training, and curriculum development. She has been successful in leading engaging classroom learning environments for over 12 years at Verizon Wireless. As Lillian redefined how trainers were certified for facilitating, she became more interested in developing innovative learning programs and made a move to curriculum development and Verizon Connect. There she created and managed product, sales, and leadership training programs.

Lillian is currently a Curriculum Development Program Manager for Cox Communications, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She is responsible for the training development for Cox’s Wireless initiative. When she is not consulting on learning programs, she enjoys writing, listening to music, cooking, or watching a good movie while planning a safe COVID friendly family trip in the near future.