Lisa Hoppes

​Lisa Hoppes is an Associate Creative Director of Experience Design, leading the sales checkout process for new and existing customers as part of the Digital First initiative, a reimagining and rebuilding of the entire customer lifecycle journey—sales through service.


After joining the Comcast team in 2010, she contributed to a wide array of initiatives and products and was on the Emmy award-winning design team responsible for revolutionizing the TV viewing experience with XFINITY X1. 


In 2013, Lisa shifted from product UX to customer journeys, as part of a two-person team auditing the customer experience from consideration through sales, activation, use and service—then illustrating the ideal end-to-end journey for senior leadership. That foundational journey work informed a small pilot project in three retail locations in the Portland area in 2015, for which Lisa was named overall IA lead, overseeing the team working on a purchase flow and onboarding account management experience. The success of the pilot was a springboard for Digital First.


Before Comcast, Lisa worked at web agencies in the DC area and Philadelphia, working with association, nonprofit, and pharmaceutical clients.


Lisa studied critical theory, representation, and art during undergraduate at Colgate University, and focused her graduate studies on Communications, Culture and Technology (CCT) at Georgetown University. Her educational background instilled a strong drive to consider how cultural forces impact the work she does, both in results for clients and customers, and in how teams operate to give voice and empowerment to women.