Lisa Work

Lisa Work joined Comcast Spotlight in 2004 as a Human Resource Administrator.  She then served as Human Resource Manager and in 2013 was promoted to Human Resource Director.  In this role, Lisa is a strategic business partner for eight DMA’s in Michigan and Indiana inclusive of Detroit and Indianapolis. She is also responsible for key roles in Divisional and Comcast Spotlight wide projects including our annual employee engagement survey and employee career site.  These projects are designed to effectively gauge engagement from the employees and provide a means for employees to see what positions are within the company.


Lisa has over 14 years of experience in Human Resources.  Prior to joining Spotlight, she worked in the healthcare and retail industries.  Lisa is active in the community as an active volunteer and member of the Girl Scouts of America and a contributor to the United Way.  She is a member of her daughter’s Student, Parent and Teacher (SPT) Organization and is also a staunch supporter of the Phil Paligraf Memorial Fund serving student athletes in need. 


Lisa is a graduate of Indiana University Kelly School of Business where she earned a BS in Business, majoring in Business Management and Human Resource Management, with a Psychology minor.  She has two children, Addison and Ethan.  Lisa and her husband, Nick, reside in Indianapolis.​