Lloyd Boston

His simple style philosophy: Less is Modern

He offers fashion advice and tips to millions through his many books – Before You Put That On (Simon & Schuster), Makeover Your Man (Doubleday) and Men of Color (Artisan) – as well as via countless television appearances on hit programs such as Oprah, The View and NBC’s Today. He’s been a leading television voice of New York Fashion Week for nearly 16 seasons and recently teamed up with Jones New York as their first exclusive “style guy” spokesperson…a gig that affords him the chance to travel the country and share his fashion sense. He is also the former VP of Art Direction for Tommy Hilfiger and has been a style lecturer to numerous brands including Giorgio Armani and American Express.

In his new FLN series Closet Cases, he will work with men and women who need fashion game plans. He explains how to shop smart, combine outfits and do more with less. His simple style philosophy: Less is modern. Tips he offers include:

  • Gals: Choose bare legs over hosiery to instantly take years off your look. While you’re at it, slip on flats. They’re back…from leopard to lime green, so go bold!
  • Guys: House your wallet in your bag or jacket, never in your back pocket.

Clear your closet clutter with Lloyd Boston of Closet Cases. He’ll show you how to shop smart, combine outfits and do more with less!

Lloyd Boston’s Top 10 Secrets to Modern Style
1. Buy the size that fits. Not the size you think you are.
2. Wake up your look by adding just a pop of bold, unexpected color. Careful of bright, head-to-toe color.
3. Be aware of proportion. Balanced contrasts = high style. Fuller tops call for slimmer bottoms, and reverse.
4. Have a (professional) affair with a Tailor!
5. A dated  lipstick can destroy an otherwise perfect look. If your college photos show a similar shade, guess what?
6. Wear white all year, as long as the fabric is seasonally appropriate. Black at every chic affair becomes cliché.
7. Learn how to shop by item, not by outfit, from Tiffany’s to Target. Name brands should take a backseat to style.
8. Take 10 years off your look. Give hosiery the day off once and a while. Bare legs look young and modern.
9. Check your backside before leaving home. You’ve seen women who haven’t, and know what you’ve thought.
10. Shoes are so important, speaking volumes about you. Beware of the thick heel, worn edges, and curled toe.