Louise Moran

Gaining an honours degree in Latin and Greek from Oxford University was not an obvious route into sports broadcasting for Louise Moran, but soccer has  been her passionfrom childhood and it was a natural step to take after finishing her studies. She began her journalism career as a news and sports reporter in radio before moving into television and becoming one of the first female sports anchors on Sky News in London.  She first established links with ESPN when she produced an international version of Sportscenter for their networks around the world.  This was under the aegis of IMG, one of the world’s largest independent sports production companies, based in the UK. Other projects she produced while there included a sailing series called Mainsail for CNN International, which was filmed on location at all the major global sailing events.

But soccer has always been her favourite sport and in 2008 she made the move to work in the US,  based in Bristol, Connecticut at ESPN’s headquarters to work on a soccer-based version of Sportscenter for Africa and the Middle East. She later moved on to her current project, a soccer talk show called ESPN Soccernet Press Pass, which is broadcast to over 7.7 million homes in 106 countries and territories worldwide.  The show involves a host and a panel of former soccer stars discussing the burning issues of the day. This is a five times a week show that covers the major soccer leagues of Europe as well as big tournaments such as the World Cup and the Champions League.

Louise was born in Zambia in Africa but currently lives in West Hartford, Connecticut.