Lynn Hall

Lynn Hall oversees technical operations of Tools, Telemetry, Business Intelligence and Quality Control in the Service Assurance Group for Cox Communications. She is responsible for overall telemetry, ticket correlation, continuous validation and platform management for tools that are owned by Service Assurance. Also, provides oversight and strategic direction for the Analytics and Quality Control team consisting of departmental analytics, dashboards and post-deployment quality control analysis for solutions delivered to Service Assurance. She partners closely with the organization and represents the voice of the customer and advocates the benefit back to the business on investments made.

Lynn joined Cox as a Network Technician in the Network Operations Center, she focused on building her technical knowledge and gained a new perspective on the customer experience, as it unfolded in real time, providing her with insight into how people viewed Cox as a company. Lynn then took a role in Technical Change Management where she gained hands on experience in how the company expanded and enhanced its network. When she transitioned from technical support to Leadership her perspective shifted from managing work to leading people. She encouraged her team to take ownership of their impact at Cox and contribute to the business as if it was their own company. As she shifted the team shifted, resulting in a mindset change and an empowered group of leaders. Outstanding business results followed.

Thinking about things differently is a common theme in Lynn’s career journey from Director of Youth and Adults sports at the YMCA to Director of Operations with Cox Communications. She believes that having a variety different perspectives from mentoring circles, trusted advisors and supportive peers is the key to success.  Guide your leadership actions and peer interactions like it is a story that will be told later and think about how you want that story to be told.