Mareesa Henderson

Mareesa Henderson is a Senior Manager of Human Resources with Comcast Corporation in Spokane, Washington, supporting over 500 employees in the customer care call center. She also oversees HR functions for Comcast’s call center in Charleston, SC. She has been with Comcast for just under 2 years; a newbie to the cable industry. Mareesa is responsible for the implementation of human resources practices including talent acquisition, change management, employee engagement and leadership development. She prides herself on having the ability to connect well with any employee and help drive their unique motivators.


Prior to joining Comcast, Mareesa was Divisional Director of Human Resources for West Corporation, a third party customer care provider. She had oversight of six centers, five domestic and one international, supporting over 4,000 employees.


Mareesa’s 17 years in HR leadership has been focused on creating a supportive performance culture while building partnerships that influence business strategy. 


Mareesa is an active member of Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), and a new member of WICT. She is also heavily involved in the organization of the Spokane area’s largest annual multi-cultural celebration, Unity in the Community, focused on expanding diversity and cultural awareness in the Inland Northwest. She and her husband Ty reside in Washington state where they are recent empty nesters. She has three daughters and hosts a weekly Sunday dinner of extended family. Her other interests include writing, home improvement, and travel.