Margaux Jessup

As a research director for the Travel Channel brand Margaux uses consumer insights to inform Travel Channel’s programming and marketing strategy.   In conjunction with the Channel’s Research Vice President, she oversees primary and secondary media research efforts, as well as, the Channel’s travel industry analyses.
Since joining Travel Channel in 2010 Margaux has concentrated on developing research that promotes a consumer-centered approach to brand positioning and program development.  Early on she helped to define Travel’s target audience through her coordination of viewer segmentation and brand perception studies.  Then she fostered a deeper connection to Travel’s audience through an ethnographic study of viewers’ values, media preferences, and decision-making processes.  She continues to keep viewers front and center by developing analytics around brand perception and how well programs and campaigns attract and retain target audiences.

Prior to joining Travel Channel, Margaux was a research manager with Discovery Communications where she supported several media brands, including:  TLC, the Discovery Channel, Planet Green, and Discovery Health.

Margaux obtained her BA from the American University in International Relations with a second major in Economics.  She did her graduate work in public policy at George Mason University.

In her free time, Margaux enjoys reading about history and watching campy science fiction programs.  She also enjoys traveling with her husband. Their latest mission is to see all the U.S. State Capitol buildings and by year end they expect to be a third of the way through.