Margolit Hillsberg

Margolit Hillsberg is the HR leader for Comcast Converged Products (CCP).  CCP develops innovative technology products for Comcast’s platform.   Also part of CCP is thePlatform Inc., the leading online video management and publishing company.  As the Vice President of HR, Margolit drives the culture, advises on organization strategy and leadership, and leads recruiting, HR, communications, IT support, facilities, and office administration functions.  Previously, Margolit led performance management (Comcast Talent) programs across all of Comcast, developed a front-line bonus strategy and contributed to front-line employee development efforts.
Before joining Comcast in 2008, Margolit worked with Wolters Kluwer Health, an international information services and publishing company, where she was the HR leader for the Lippincott unit, driving organizational change and success strategies for a $600M customer unit with operations in the US and overseas.  She managed the talent, performance, compensation, organization design, recruiting, training and development, and recognition programs for over 1000 employees. 

Prior to Wolters Kluwer, Margolit was an HR director for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a top flight professional services firm, where she led national talent and diversity strategies for a growing 6,000-person unit.  She worked closely with executives to implement market-focused employee strategies and improve organizational performance—and won the local Chairman’s Award for her work on PwC’s talent management system.  Margolit also served as a successful HR and recruiting leader for several large business units in PwC.

Margolit has experience as a human resource consultant and management analyst with Star Mountain, Inc., a consulting and training firm based in the Washington, DC area.

Margolit received her master’s degree in Human Resources Management from George Washington University and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and German from the University of Michigan.  She is an active volunteer for the Maternity Care Coalition, serves on the board of her synagogue, and enjoys helping colleagues network in the community.  Margolit lives with her husband and three children in Merion, PA.