Marina Escobar

Marina Escobar, a 25-year media veteran, joined the senior leadership team of ESPN’s Emerging Technology in March of 2008.  Her role as Senior Director of Creative Technology reflects a paradigm shift for ESPN by capitalizing on Marina’s unique combination of design skills and deep understanding of data representation using high-end graphic software platforms to deliver innovation to their broadcasts.  Marina and her team are tasked with re-thinking and defining how ESPN achieves success, through new ideas and technologies.

Marina has worked for and consulted with a wide range of companies that include, Discreet Logic, CNBC, WBIS and Dow Jones Television. Most recently, Escobar was the Creative Services Director for Melting Icecube Consultants.  Utilizing her strong background in real-time data design, she provided the company with an ability to offer clients a 360-service experience, including oversight of template creation scripts, workflow design and integration with data feeds.

As CNBC’s Interim Creative Director, Marina led and monitored the 2nd phase of their real-time graphics re-design, working closely with the CEO and the senior leadership team to deliver the final phase of this challenging and innovative project.   In 2000, Marina was the Director of Broadcast Creative Services for Discreet, a division of Autodesk where again, Marina was tapped to bring her unique skill set to drive accounts in a previously under tapped broadcast marketplace.   She was a key contributor in securing the use of real-time graphics for major broadcast accounts by helping to target, interpret and analyze customer product requirements and built a team of technical and creative experts within the organization to build better broadcast products.

In 2002, Marina took a different career path taking sole responsibility for the family restaurant. She admits it took incredible courage to shift careers and follow what is another of her passions, food. Marina was rewarded with a second career that gave her “incredible schooling.”  During her years as a restaurateur, she was recognized as one of NYC’s “Successful Business Leaders” for 2005 and taking advantage of her diverse career choices and her bicultural nature volunteered for the New Immigrant Community Empowerment program of NYC, assisting immigrant children through her own life experiences. Marina recently sold the family restaurant business to return to her other passion of delivering innovation to strong brands.

Marina earned her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism with advanced studies in Graphic Design and Theatre Arts. She was honored as a nominee for WICT Technical Achievement Award. Marina is a member of NAMIC’s Class X Executive Leadership Development Program. She has also been a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and is a scholarship recipient.

Married and a mother of three, Marina is an avid runner who enjoys the outdoors.