Mary Barry

Experience Mary Barry’s expertise and experience includes prevention of disease through healthy lifestyle behaviors. Mary began her journey as a nurse in cardiac rehabilitation. She saw first-hand the impact that physical activity had on individuals recovering from open heart surgery. From here she transitioned into nursing education with a focus on nutrition. Mary believes that education is the foundation for healthy choices. Mary completed her education with a PhD in health and behavioral sciences and spent her post-doc years conducting research on obesity prevention in community and school-based programs. Additionally, she has worked in women’s health, family medicine, public health and taught health and wellness related topics to children, community members and at the collegiate level. While working with executives at CCL®, she also consults and contracts with worksite wellness programming and implementation.

Current Role Mary works at CCL as a fitness faculty member providing health and physical fitness information to Leadership at the Peak participants and various custom programs throughout CCL. Her passion for a healthy and energetic lifestyle is shared with her family who cook creative, plant-based meals together and frequently run, hike, bike and Nordic ski.

Educational Background Mary’s education includes a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, Masters of Science in Sports Medicine, and Ph.D. in Health and Behavioral sciences from the University of Colorado with a research focus on obesity prevention.

Professional Affiliations American College of Sports Medicine Executive Board Member of KIDPOWER, a program that teaches personal safety skills to children.