Mary Fenton

As senior editor for action sports and X Games at ESPN digital media, Mary has applied her pedigree in journalism, snowboarding and skateboarding to identify story lines, trends and topics to inform and engage multimedia content for the mainstream ESPN audience and the endemic action sports community. In an industry where authenticity and credibility are everything, she has bridged the gap since 2005, fostering content experiences that appeal to both the action sports and stick-and-ball worlds. 


On any given day, she may be a writer, editor, producer, creative director or information architect, working across departments and with a network of freelancers and external partners, from ad agencies to event and sport organizations. In and outside the deadline-driven live event environment, she coordinates content across platforms, from breaking news to original digital video and long-form storytelling with television components. From product infancy to company priority, Mary has led a team that embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, operating with sparse to ample resources while tripling the unique audience of the website in five years.


Mary was nominated by colleagues to be a recipient of the 2010 ESPN Game Ball, a symbol of leadership, and she produced content that was selected into the International Skateboard Film Festival and Summit Action Sports Film Festival. She received her bachelor’s degree from New York University and studied at the University of Alaska Anchorage and Havana’s El Centro Juan Marinello. Mary competes in the occasional big mountain snowboarding contest and local golf tournament and enjoys cooking, skateboarding and riding bikes around Seattle with her 1-year-old son and significant other.