Maura Maloney

Maura Maloney is Senior Director, Transmission Operations at ESPN.  Her responsibilities include overseeing the Transmission Operations team who acquire, test, and troubleshoot over 70,000 live and highlight feeds every year, as well as monitor and provide conditional access for the distribution of over 20 of ESPN’s networks. Maura leads the department’s business continuity efforts in order to ensure continued transmission of ESPN’s two flagship networks, ESPN and ESPN2, in case of an emergency.  She is also working with the remote offices throughout the world to create international business continuity plans for ESPN’s Brazil, Argentina, Australian, and UK networks.

Along with these duties Maura leads ESPN’s Audio Experience Team which is a group of the company’s audio engineers and technicians with a focus on producing the highest quality audio signal on ESPN’s networks as well as making sure all audio technicians are trained on the newest procedures and equipment.  This year they are concentrated on making sure all of ESPN’s networks are compliant with the CALM Act. 

For the past year Maura has been an active member of the RFI-EUI Interference Team which is a group of broadcast networks, satellite operators, and equipment manufacturers who are working together to mitigate satellite interference.  Maura is the chairperson of the Training and Certification team which is one of three subcommittees.

Maura started her career at ESPN in 1991 as a Transmission technician and was recruited to Manager of Network Traffic in 2001.  Throughout the eight years in this department the team pushed the transition from analog, to digital, and then to high definition transmission platforms for remote events.  In 2001 Maura was promoted to Senior Director, Network Traffic, and in 2009, Sr. Director of Transmission Operations.

Maura received a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and now resides in Southington, CT.