Missy Halko

​Missy has spent over 11 years in telecom beginning her journey at the cusp of what would become a paradigm shift for mobile back in 2007. She began in wireless sales, shifted into technical support and progressed to managing E2E go-to market activities for mobile device launches. She has experience working from various perspectives of the wireless industry: being a part of a carrier, a device manufacturer, and now a key cable player turned MVNO. What being connected means to our society has evolved and morphed into an absolute necessity; it is a driver of our everyday lives. Being a part of this evolution is one of Missy’s passions. Missy’s work today, leading device launches, ensures Comcast cable customers can go to Comcast for all their connectivity needs. Her career objectives are to foster evolution, cultivate meaningful relationships and instill positive energy in all her work and interactions. Missy has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Sociology from Loras College in Dubuque, IA and an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with her two mini-schnauzers. She is an avid runner and regularly trains for marathons, ensuring they are around the world giving her an excuse to travel to new places.