Monica Brooks

Monica Brooks is a Customer Care Manager for Time Warner Cable in Dallas, Texas.  She manages a team of 7 leaders and supports over 300 employees in the Repair, Tier 3 and Billing groups.  Monica is a graduate of Alabama A&M University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice.  She is currently working to complete her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development.


Monica’s expertise in the Telecommunications industry spans over 16 years.  She began her career as a Customer Service Representative for Comcast Cable in the state of Maryland.  Within 6 months, she was promoted to her first leadership role as a Customer Care Supervisor.   She later accepted a position as an HR Generalist for Customer Care and Technical Operations departments.  She held this position for two years and was then promoted to Customer Care Manager for Sales and Retention in Huntsville, Alabama.


When the opportunity presented itself to work with Time Warner Cable in "The Big Apple" – New York City, Monica was ecstatic.  Monica joined the team as a Customer Care Manager in September 2012.  While there she was responsible for managing over 400 employees.  In August of 2014, Monica had the opportunity to share her vast leadership skills with the Time Warner Cable team in Dallas, Texas, where she currently resides.


Throughout Monica’s career, her passion for leadership development has been the key to her success.  Her focus on performance, creative and critical thinking skills and personnel management have given her leaders the tools they need to become exceptional coaches that drive results.


Monica’s mantra is teamwork, partnership and shared responsibility. She possesses a leadership style that is open, transparent, supportive and engaging.  Monica’s high level of expertise has guided her down the right path and will continue to take her to new heights in her career.


Lastly, Monica is an advocate to living the value of Community. Monica has a long history of mentor/mentee relationships, Big Brother/Big Sister and community involvement.  Monica has also been an active member of several employee networks within Time Warner Cable, such as, Women’s Collective and BBEN.