Nazneen Khan

My name is Nazneen Khan.  I grew up partially in Mozambique and partially in the United States.  I speak  English, Portuguese and Urdu/Hindi.  I am married and have 3 children of varying ages.  My oldest is now in his 3rd year at Duke, studying Biomedical Engineering.  My second one is in her 3rd year of high school, and my last one, is in 1st grade.

Academically, I have a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Math from Purdue University at Indianapolis, and I have a master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from GA Tech.  I worked on signal processing research during my undergraduate years, and as a lab assistant for doctors doing research in pulmonology.  I also completed the pre-med course requirements during my undergraduate years.

Professionally, I have worked as a system engineer, software engineer, developer for teamsite content management, day trader, and high school tutor, depending on the situation in my life.  I worked as a high school tutor and worked on my master’s when my two oldest were young.  When they got older, I worked at Stradis, Inc, as a system engineer for 3 years, on video decoding products, wearing many hats, including application software, embedded software, devices, hardware, manufacturing, customer support, and testing.   When I had my 3rd child, I worked at nVideon, as a part-time software developer for about 1.5 yrs, on a software video decoding product.   I worked as a Teamsite Developer for a couple of companies under short assignments, and I worked as a day trader for a short while.  Currently I am working at Arris for about 4 years now, working on the command line interface development and testing for their flagship product, the CMTS.