Nicole Turner

For many years, Nicole coached individuals and helped them recognize and develop a strategy to address and get rid of the mental and emotional toxins that had them in a holding pattern. They were stuck. Their mental and emotional toxins were affecting their relationship with themselves, others, money, and their careers. Nicole observed that these same people were in organizations and their issues were manifesting themselves as toxic employees and/or toxic leaders. This led Nicole to taking a deeper dive into organizational behavior and culture, and what she found was that a people-centered culture was the center of productivity, profits, customer service, retention, employee engagement, morale,  and the overall organizational health and culture.

Nicole is a best-selling author, consultant, advisor, coach, and speaker. As the CEO of Nicole L. Turner Consulting, she helps transform organizations by helping them create a people-centered culture. Nicole holds an undergraduate degree in English and graduate degrees in Education and Business, has a graduate certificate in Diversity Studies, and is a certified Human Capital Strategist, Strategic HR Business Partner, and a certified Change Manager. Nicole is also a Diversity Value Index Judge. As a judge, Nicole uses defined metrics and benchmarks to assess how organizations are implementing Diversity and Inclusion programs and leveraging those programs to create business impact.