Norma Cordova

Norma Cordova joined Time Warner Cable in 1994 where she managed operations and the area call center servicing Austin, Waco, Dallas, and Wichita Falls. Since coming to Time Warner Cable, she has worked as a Business Operations Analyst for Customer Care, IT, and Technical Operations. In 2006, she joined the Texas Regional Engineering team as a Technical Analyst in Capital Planning.  Norma is currently the Director of Capital Planning whose responsibilities include managing the capital budget, supporting justification and cost analysis, forecasting, monthly accruals, and outlooks. She assembled the capital budget documents for the Texas Region’s Engineering Team for the past four years.

Norma serves on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and was a chosen participant in the Mentor/Mentee Sponsorship Program which she completed in 2011. She is an active member in the Community of One Committee for Capital Management. Her efforts were recognized within the company for the PPE (Plant, Property, & Equipment) standardization. As part of the Community of One committee, she has been a leader in the development of the BOAT (Budget, Outlook, Authorization Tool) that is now being used nationwide by Time Warner Cable. She also was part of a team that assisted the corporate team to standardize coding across TWC.

She has been recognized for her dedication and excellence with seven professional contribution awards and was a Total Quality Service award recipient and winner. Norma is currently in a enrolled in BSBA Finance Degree Program.