Rachel Crain

Rachel Crain is the Vice President of Program Planning & Strategy for Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Nick at Nite.  She currently leads the programming team in the planning and execution of short- and long-term programming strategies, seamlessly weaving together programming schedules for the two 24-hour channels. 


Previously, Rachel served as Programming Manger for Comedy Central where she was responsible for developing and implementing programming strategies for the network and working with various lines of business to ensure that their goals were supported.  Before that, Rachel was Programming Manager for MTV Canada where she was part of the launch team that reintroduced the iconic brand to the Canadian media landscape.  Rachel began her career in research, having held analytical positions for Discovery Channel Canada, Comedy Network and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 


A dual-citizen of Canada and the United States, Rachel grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and spent many years honing her media skills in Toronto, Ontario.  Rachel holds a Masters Degree in Social Psychology from York University in Toronto.  She currently resides in Cold Spring, New York, with her husband.