Raj Rani

Raj Rani is a Director within Application Platform Operations (APO) a part of the Network Operations with Charter Communications.  In this capacity, she leads the automation efforts for the APO-OSS Tools team for the company. In her current role, Raj manages the deployment of the Resolve platform Infrastructure across all Network Operation Centers and development of new automation to reduce manual overhead to the business, notification time, and mean time to repair.  Before this, she was a Senior Manager for the Charter Residential Customer Facing Portal, managing requirements for website consolidation to provide a seamless experience for the customers of the three legacies companies that comprise New Charter: Time Warner Cable, and Brighthouse Networks, and Legacy Charter.


Raj has more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry managing and delivering system requirements and data analytics initiatives that elevated the customer experience and operational efficiencies. She thrives on solving the complex business problems by transforming them into manageable tasks which have been a significant contributor to her success. Also, she fosters individual accountability with unwavering team support which helps her team members to realize their full potential.


Raj came from a small village in India where she was one of the few girls who dared to enroll in an undergraduate science degree.  She firmly believes that whatever a man can do, a woman can do it equally well. She came to the United States on a scholarship and earned a doctorate in physics from the City University of New York. She has excelled both in academia and in the corporate world.


Outside of work, Raj enjoys hiking and biking with her family in scenic Colorado. She has run three half-marathons with her daughter and her husband. In her spare time, she tutors STEM students, encouraging girls to enroll in science and technology programs.