Rashida Godbold

Rashida Godbold is a Manager at Comcast. She provides leadership and guidance to an amazing and hard-working team whose responsibility is to reduce revenue leakage for a fast growing business worth $300M. Rashida has been in the Telecommunications industry for almost 25 years.

During her short career as a hair stylist, Rashida became a new wife with plans to start a family. Opportunity came during a time Rashida was struggling to make “good” money as a brand new hair stylist right out of Cosmetology school. Her mom told her of a job opportunity at the company she worked for, NJ Bell (now Verizon). With her mother’s persistence, Rashida applied for the position and was hired on the spot as a Directory Assistance 411 Operator. Rashida worked hard to get promotion after promotion. During her career journey, many lessons were learned, professionally and personally. Those lessons inspired her to seek unique opportunities to grow but with an innovative mindset.

Two marriages and four children later, Rashida enjoys life with her husband of 4 years; stays young at the age of 46 being a new mom to a 9 month old baby girl; and continues to make goals, reaching them one day at a time. Rashida recently lost her mother to cancer but is so happy that her mother (and biggest supporter) got to see  her accomplish so many things in her career and as a business owner. If it wasn’t for Victoria A. Baker-Martin helping her daughter “get her foot in the door,” Rashida would not be where she is today.