Renee Ingenito

Renee Ingenito currently serves as Executive Director of Sales for Comcast Wholesale, a division of Comcast EPS (formerly NETO).  Comcast Wholesale provides electronic distribution services to content providers and advertisers for delivering VOD content or Advertising spots to media destinations for air. 


Renee leads a team of 10 salespeople selling the VOD and Ad Distribution platforms across the country with offices in NY, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 


Renee joined Comcast to help build this business division within NETO 4.5 years ago.  After leading her team through the start-up phase, the team was able to grow the business 5x last year and is experiencing continued growth in 2015.


Prior to Comcast, Renee worked for Microsoft in Advanced Advertising Platform Sales and CBS Television as a New Business Sales Manager.  Earlier in her career, Renee owned an ad agency in San Francisco and worked for several start-up companies in the bay area.


Renee lives in Manhattan with her husband Steve and their new puppy Casey.