Richelle Carey

Richelle Carey is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist and is currently an anchor at Al-Jazeera America in New York City. Prior, in Atlanta, Carey was an anchor at HLN (formerly CNN’s Headline News) where she also served as host of What Matters, a weekly segment focused on African-American topics. Off-camera, Carey is a strong advocate for girls and women and serves as vice president of the board of directors at Men Stopping Violence, an organization whose mission is to end violence against women and girls. She is also a former board member of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, one of the largest councils in the nation.


Carey attended both Smith College in Massachusetts and Baylor University in Texas. Upon graduation, she began her career in television journalism as an associate producer for KPRC-TV in Houston. The Texas native went on to anchor morning news shows in St. Louis, Las Vegas, and other cities. Either as producer, reporter, or anchor, Carey demonstrates a keen ability to address a variety of topics, having interviewed luminaries such as Tim McGraw, Chris Rock, Chaka Khan, Fran Drescher, Janet Jackson, and commanding generals in the United States Army. As a military reporter in Waco, Texas, Carey covered Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the world and spent a week in Bosnia covering the work of U.S. soldiers. Her many awards include an Emmy for consumer features reporting while in St. Louis and the "Emerging Journalist" award from the Houston Association of Black Journalists.


As a young girl in Texas, Carey watched her mother, a nurse, work tirelessly with teens in low-income neighborhoods. And while in Atlanta, she covered numerous heartbreaking stories that involved women and girls who were victims of violence. These two life experiences had a profound impact on Carey and moved her to dedicate her life to being a champion for girls and women. She elaborates "It is through my work in journalism that I found my life’s true calling. That calling is to not only report the powerful stories that girls and women tell, but to equip them with the right tools so that they can achieve their dreams."  


Beyond her respected work as a reporter and anchor, Richelle places just as much value on her off-camera advocacy. "I have seen how inspiration and a shared story can positively transform lives. My relentless passion is focused on uplifting girls and women every chance I get, using our collective trials and triumphs as tools for empowerment."