Sailata Reddy

Sailata is a Senior Manager in Comcast’s Cyber Security organization with 15 years of experience working on security standards, policies, assessments and architecture.  She led numerous security risk assessments across different product lines and led teams to comply with security policies and external regulatory requirements. Sailata was a key contributor in the strategic planning, development and implementation of security testing practices and deployed new technologies like CASB solutions, static code analyzers and mobile reputational analysis tools.

Sailata is a passionate architect & leader who managed a critical Security Architecture team that is integrated into several technology projects. She effected a consistent architecture process across various verticals and led the Security Guild privacy working group and created privacy training modules.

In her present role, Sailata manages a new federated identity platform for business customers, providing customized solutions for their identity requirements.

Sailata started her career as a technical account manager in a security and  networking company in India.  She did her Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications and MBA in Telecom Management. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids and her golden retriever pup. She loves to spend her spare time traveling to new destinations around the world, coaching youth robotics teams and painting.