Sangeeta Roy

Sangeeta Roy is the Head of Technology Operations for iconectiv, a US-based company, formally known as Telcordia Technologies, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson. She has worked in the IT industry for 16 years, 3 years of which have been spent at iconectiv. As the Head of Technology Operations for all products and services for iconectiv, she strives to drive process Excellency, improvement, and efficiency. Sangeeta is an advocate of embracing changes, cultivating talent and supporting women’s initiatives focused on growing diversity in workplace. 


Previously, she gained valuable IT and business experience working in various industry domains including telecom and mobile industry, media, publishing, financials, government, human resources and payroll. She has an excellent track record as reliable and as a forward thinker with a strategic vision.

She led the entire product development effort at a major publishing house where she was responsible for rolling out the digitization of their entire content and subscription base.


She had been pivotal and was responsible for the iconectiv’s Business Intelligence Competitive Center initiative, where she focused on developing and delivering predictive models for customer churn and satisfaction management and end to end correlation of user service experience with network level key performance indices. 


Sangeeta holds a graduate degree in Communication and Information System from Rutgers University, NJ and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She is also a certified PMP and ITILv3 professional and continues to engage in various MOOCs for continuing education and professional development.

Sangeeta is a trained vocalist and continues to still learn Indian Classical Music. She performs each year for different charitable organizations to raise funds for many humanitarian causes close to her heart. She is married and lives in New Jersey with her husband and 2 little sons.