Sharon Landy

Sharon is one of the top performing Retention Managers in Time Warner Cable’s Customer Solutions Department located in Columbia, South Carolina. She oversees a team of six supervisors with a scope of approximately 10 associates per team. Her unrelenting commitment to developing leaders is the foundation for Sharon’s success. Sharon transforms call centers into environments where both leaders and associates can grow and thrive through engagement, accountability, implementing best practices, and effectively managing change.


After leaving a twelve year banking career in 2004, Sharon simultaneously focused on raising her children while completing two degrees. Subsequently, she entered the telecommunications industry two years ago in 2012, at the ground level as a retention representative.  Staying true to her passion for effective leadership, she quickly rose to the role of supervisor in only seven months. She was promoted to Retention Manager ten months later in June of last year.  Sharon was nominated for the WICT Rising Leaders Program only three months into her tenure as manager. She continues to set records for advancement, performance and overall work quality.  What makes Sharon stand out above the crowd is her passion to develop the whole person—she transforms low performing teams into champions by causing both leaders and associates to self-discover their own potential and pass on what they’ve learned creating a cycle of excellence. 


Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina Aiken (2008) and a Master of Business Administration from Augusta State University (2011).​