Sifan JIang

Sifan Jiang is the Accounting Manager at Weather Group Television, formerly known as The Weather Channel. Sifan joined The Weather Channel as an Accounting Consultant in 2010. After 6 months in the consulting role, she was converted to Senior Accountant. After The Weather Channel sold its digital and professional properties to IBM and renamed as Weather Group Television in January 2016, Sifan was promoted to Accounting Manager.


In her current role, Sifan leads the GL team to accomplish each month-end close on schedule and provide the accurate and timely financial statements and reports reporting to the leadership team as well as internal and external customers. Sifan also leverages her technical skills to maintain and build up Queries and nVision layouts that provided more powerful and efficient research tools to the team.


Sifan is a graduate from the Franklin University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.  Sifan got her CPA license in 2008, and she is a member of AICPA. Sifan was born in China, and she now lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband. She enjoys reading, travelling, cooking and fishing.