Simone Forman

Simone Forman is the Manager of Inbound Sales for Comcast, based in Miramar, FL. With over 17 years of experience in the Cable/Telecommunications industry, Simone has partnered and worked closely with Marketing, Technical Operations, Finance, Warehouse, Customer Care and other departments in the company.

Beginning her career as a Customer Service Representative for CableVision in Manassas, VA, Simone steadily grew within the company through many acquisitions and product launches.  Some notable milestones include the launch of a bi-directional cable internet service with Jones Communications which was quickly followed by a Comcast acquisition.  Being interested in the internet over cable technology, Simone was drawn to the new partnership between Comcast and @Home out of Redwood, CA to provide internet service over a cable modem.  Over the next several years, Simone oversaw the integration of cable internet service into the daily operations of the local Technical and Call Center operation teams.  As an experienced project manager, Simone was responsible for opening the Manassas, VA Comcast Call Center which served the Northern Virginia area.  Shortly after the center was opened, Simone was promoted to Call Center Manager.

In late 2004, when an opportunity was presented to relocate to Florida where much of her family resided, she moved to West Palm Beach, FL.  There she served as a Call Center Manager with Adelphia followed shortly by a Comcast acquisition.  The Comcast acquisition allowed her to get back to her passion; developing employees and driving quality sales in the markets for which she is responsible.  Currently Simone is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the inbound Sales department in Miramar, FL.  With a staff of 200+ employees including 9 Supervisors and 225+ Inbound Sales Agents, the inbound sales team is responsible for 65% of the Regions overall sales.

Simone’s major accomplishments include her participation in launching cable modem service, participation in the Adelphia merger as a Call Center Manager, ProCoach certification and NAMIC member.  Simone possesses exceptional leadership skills aimed at developing employee’s skill sets and internal motivation.  Collectively, these skills assist Simone in driving Comcast’s overall success.

Simone was born in Washington D.C. but now considers South Florida her home.  Simone strives to participate in community events such as Comcast Cares Day and is a proud Wife, Mother and Stepmother.