Soju Kurup

Soju M. Kurup is the Senior Manager of Product Design and Delivery at Comcast. Throughout her eight years with the company, she has been an instrumental player in implementing key strategic initiatives to better the customer experience.


In 2014, Soju graduated from Foundations of Organizational Leadership, a yearlong rigorous program that develops the top 2% of the organization into strong visionary leaders to carry the business through the next phase of growth and transformation. She received The Innovation Award in 2013 from the Circle of Success for her primary role in the successful launch of the Comcast/Verizon Wireless partnership by coordinating, collaborating, and executing the Sales and Ordering Platform integration activities. In 2010, Soju was awarded The World Class Service Award from Comcast Enterprise Technology’s Excellence Awards for her role in designing and launching a centralized platform that provides the source of truth for address serviceability.


Outside of work, she is an Outreach Committee Member at the Church of the Holy Trinity and coordinates volunteer events to help families and children in need. She is a passionate communicator that leads with purpose and strives to inspire others to work for the common good.


Soju is an alumni of Drexel University, where she received two Bachelor of Science degrees in 2006, one in Information Systems and the other in Business Administration.


Soju resides in Philadelphia, PA with her amazing and supportive husband, Anish and their fierce and energetic daughter, Amelia.