Stevie Toepke

Witness Stevie from a distance and you’ll see what follows in her wake: energized employees, elevated productivity, clarified team identity.


Stevie measures impact by leaving a company smarter, faster, and healthier than she found it — and she manages that transformation by intentionally and inventively reshaping the culture that powers it.


She’s negotiated with the UAW and worked to integrate the cultures of two global insurance giants. She’s run worldwide talent management for an investment bank and overseen recruitment for a Fortune 500. She has an advanced degree in Organization Development and a massive, diverse network of Human Resources and Talent Management relationships. And she’ll marshal a career’s worth of diverse experiences in the service of shifting how your company’s employees think, create, and execute together.


Follow her to Detroit for a weekend off-site with an executive team starving for inspiration. Find her in New Orleans with a company’s IT team seeking to think differently about diversity and inclusion. Meet her in New York where she’s guiding a firm’s rising talent through an immersive training. Or see her in her hometown of Richmond, VA facilitating a workshop, curating new curriculum, or analyzing a team dynamic.


Fueled by human connection and driven to make a difference, Stevie doesn’t ever clock out. A marathon addict, you’ll find her early mornings running Richmond’s seven hills. A connector by DNA, you’ll spot her volunteering with local organizations, introducing like-minded friends, and giving her community the same energy she gives her clients.