Summer Simmons

Summer Simmons is the Senior Producer for Digital Products and Show Integrations for BET, A Viacom Company.  In this role, one of her primary responsibilities is to create original concepts for digital companion content and interactive features for all of BET’s original programming; and manage the creative, production and editing process to deliver strategic results. Summer focuses on fresh and engaging short form content and actively pursues new technologies and executions to keep BET online presence a force in the marketplace.


Summer has over 10 years of creative and leadership experience in digital entertainment.  Prior to joining BET in 2012, she served as the Director of Design Accounts for 1K Studios. At this boutique digital media company, Summer had the pleasure of leading creative and production teams to design award winning content, graphics and app’s for all the major film studios including HBO, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers and Fox. Summer is also a produced screenwriter, and member of the Writers Guild.