Taba Kashanian

Taba Kashanian is the Director of Talent Management at Altice USA.  In her role, she is responsible for the strategy, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide leadership and talent development programs such as employee onboarding, management development, culture driving initiatives, change management, Talent Pipeline Programs, and Diversity & Inclusion. 


Taba began her career working in retail while earning a BA in Sociology from Queens College. While studying human social relationships and institutions she was also learning to drive sales and the customer experience through the performance of her team. This focus on people, strategy, and coaching has resulted in years of in excellence in driving sales and the customer experience at all levels.  This has propelled her career throughout major retail organizations such as Victoria’s Secret (in the stores organization for 12 years) , Lord & Taylor (corporate roles for 5 years), and Macys (corporate roles for 3+ years) in various roles from leading and training stores to leading company-wide learning and development, leadership development, talent and performance, and communications. Having this unique skillset of front line management matched with deep corporate experience allowed her to create and customize down to earth smart solutions that drove sales and the customer experience for over 250,000 employees. Examples include creating a new operating model at Lord &Taylor, a new performance driving store selling model, a groundbreaking coaching program, including a cost-free coaching app, and an award winning culture driving recognition program at Macy’s.


After 15 years of innovating through 3 top customer focused retail organizations, she made the switch in 2015 to join a technology organization; then Cablevision, now Altice USA. Her past experiences and passion for innovating continue to help drive new and impactful programs at Altice. In the past three years, she’s created and implemented several impactful talent and learning initiatives to help the company move forward, including a company-wide online learning ecosystem and framework for learning, a robust Management Development program, the first Altice Global Apprentice Program, the first Altice USA Talent Pipeline Program, and recently- helped launch the first Altice Diversity & Inclusive program. Taba’s passion for creative solutions and problem solving nicely complements her expertise in talent and learning development to keep things fresh, make learning impactful, and make work fun!