Tanya Daves

Raised in the offices of a growing Canadian cable company, Tanya Daves was fated for a career in the telecommunications industry. In search of a warmer climate, she relocated to Savannah, GA. which is where her "American Dream" began. She studied information technology a Georgia Southern University while raising a family and leading an information systems team at Comcast Cable.


As an energetic, problem solving professional Tanya pursued a position that would enable her to motivate people to invoke change by simplifying strategies and processes. All the while, transforming the experience so profoundly, that customers couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.


Tanya now has over 20 years of telecommunications experience in roles of increased responsibility. She has established divisional implementation, billing simplification and quality assurance teams.


She and her team of sixteen professionals are responsible for new product implementation, process improvement, defect prevention, software upgrades and quality assurance testing in a multi-billing system environment of 9 million subscribers. Most recently they successfully orchestrated a groundbreaking trial introducing the new XFINITY statement, designed a simplified code structure to improve customers’ bills, and played a lead role in billing system conversions impacting 3 million subscribers.


Challenged with expanding the new XFINITY statement and simplified code structures to a national level, and playing a key role in designing the company’s Next Generation billing system, Tanya is certain to add to her list of successful endeavors.


She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her loving husband and their teenaged son. In her spare time her passion for creation and improvement does not end. Renovation and design fulfill her aspirations.