Tara Brock

Tara Brock just marked her 1 year anniversary as a Senior Product Manager for Authentication on NBCUniversal’s Content Distribution team. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring a seamless end user experience on TVE products allowing users to access content within NBCU’s sites and apps. Within authentication, Tara has been designing and developing reports which allow the Content Distribution team to proactively monitor for authentication issues as well as forecast for the future. In addition to her focus on authentication, Tara also helps NBCUniversal maximize its reach to their viewers through innovative engagement experience opportunities and collaborating with cross-functional teams to help connect users to their favorite content. Tara is also one of the new Co-Chairs of TECHWomen’s Los Angeles Chapter.

Prior to working at NBCUniversal, Tara worked as the Web Product Manager helping gym owners effectively manage their facilities remotely while getting a clear picture into how their customers use the gym equipment. She led the full product life cycle including research, ideation, definition, execution and launch for a global facility management application available in 22 languages for over 4,000 gyms across 160 countries.

In her free time, you can find Tara hiking all around Los Angeles, cooking up new recipes in the kitchen, traveling across the globe or cuddling with her dog, Sawyer.