Teresa Talese

Teresa Talese currently serves as the Vice President, Data Management for Comcast’s Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) team in Philadelphia headquarters.  In her current role, she leads the Stewardship organization within the Data Management umbrella focusing on Enterprise data, cross partnership and collaboration amongst business units and technology teams.  She is accountable for leading a team of stewards who possess the knowledge of the Comcast data, the understanding of the business rules applied to the data and the credibility of the data.  This requires establishing partnerships with business units, and maintaining open lines of communication to ensure that complete and accurate data is available to guide and meet the business needs.

Teresa began her Comcast career in 2007 as a Sr. Programmer in the Division Technology department.  Since 2007, she has served in three Divisions and the past five years at headquarters within the EBI department.

Teresa is currently a mentor through the Mentorship Employee Resource Group at Comcast and a WICT Greater Philadelphia Chapter Board member currently serving as the Tech It Out Co-Director.

Teresa enjoys spending time with her husband, Domenico, and twins, Giuseppe and Liliana.  They enjoy going out to eat, taking walks and traveling.  Teresa also enjoys partnering with her husband with business decisions and planning for their restaurants and pizzerias.