Tessa Wehrman

Tessa Wehrman is the Manager of Content Management at Viacom International Media Networks, working specifically with their Nickelodeon channels in New York. In this role, which she has held for the past two years, she helps build strategy surrounding new programming, develop promotional campaigns, as well as assist in additional content management for Nickelodeon channels worldwide. Beyond long form programming and media planning she also helps with language adaptation and serves as a liaison for marketing, sales, digital, research, and press.

Tessa has been a part of Viacom for the past six years, working within the Nickelodeon programming department both domestically and internationally. She began her career in media planning for the U.S. preschool channel, Noggin (now known as Nick Jr.) and transitioned into multiplatform programming. As a multiplatform programming coordinator she helped build strategy and schedules for online, wireless on demand, download-to-own and video-on-demand. After a year and half in that role she moved on to focus on mobile and download-to-own, including the launch of a linear mobile channel, and several larger Netflix deals before moving to international programming.

Beyond the workplace, Tessa enjoys running and competing in triathlons, as well as volunteering with Achilles Track Club and Daniel’s Music Foundation. At Achilles she serves as a volunteer, running and racing with athletes who overcome a variety of disabilities. With Daniel’s Music Foundation, she helps volunteer and fundraise to provide free music classes for all abilities and disabilities.