Victoria Arlen

The survivor of two, rare neurological disorders that left her in a vegetative state and locked within her own body, completely unable to communicate with the outside world for nearly four years, Victoria Arlen’s story is sure to be one of the most remarkable journeys you’ve ever heard.

Written off as a lost cause by doctors, Victoria’s family refused to give up on her. As she slowly began to recover, she spent ten years in a wheelchair during which she became a Paralympic Gold & Silver medal winning swimmer and one of the youngest on-air hosts ever hired by ESPN. Determined to walk again, she did, and then some. In March of 2016, she took her first steps in over a decade and later that year she debuted on ABC’s hit show, Dancing With The Stars. In 2018, she went on to release her memoir book, and 30-for-30 film, of the same title “Locked In.” Since then, she has become the newest host of America Ninja Warrior jr, the face of Jockey with her signature line Jockey by Victoria Arlen coming out this month, as well as a highly sought after motivational speaker. Prepare to be motivated!